Snake Eyes Costumes

All new super hero and action figure costumes will be wanted this year for Halloween. Action figures like G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes will be one of the most wanted costumes because of the new G.I. Joe movie this year. So get ready to not only see Snake Eyes, but other G.I. Joe action heroes that will be out there trick or treating this year.

Wearing a G.I. Joe costume this year for Halloween or for a costume party will leave you looking in style. But not only in style but also up to date as one of the hottest new characters out there that you can be these days. And if I know any ten year old kid, being in style is what Halloween is all about.

This suit is not just for a Ten year old kid tough, this suit come in sizes to fit all kinds. The Snake Eyes costume comes usually in three different sizes; small, medium and large. This means this should give the option of wearing the suit to everyone from little kids all the way to adults. And since Snake Eyes Dates back so far don’t be surprised to see some adults this year wearing them.

The Snake Eyes costume comes with the authentic looking arm guards and to finish that authentic look off the leg holsters leave the finishing touch. Also a padded jump suit making your kid look like he just got out of the gym is a perfect touch to the Snake Eye’s costume.

Even know most costume always seem to be a pain to wear and uncomfortable for your kids when they have to wear them all day, this is not true with the Snake Eyes costumes. The Snake Eyes costume should be very comfortable for kids to wear. This will help them enjoy the day that they wait for all year.

The most important thing about Halloween is when your kid’s dress up you want to be able to have fun with them. But sometimes the drag of preparing and then cleaning up you wind up missing a lot of it. This is why the Snake Eye costume is so great, it is so easy to get your kid ready and feeling like a super hero you actually have time to enjoy.

The Snake Eyes suit is just not kids but for adults too. What could be better than being your old school action hero for Halloween? Let’s face it, it has probably been about fifth-teen if not more years since you would have been able to get a Snake Eyes costume, so again don’t be surprised to see some adults in them this year.

Don’t forget not to fall short on the foot wear of your costume. It won’t take much, any type of black boots or black shoes would be perfect for your costume. You just want to make sure you or your kid whom every wears the costume is comfortable in them. There is nothing like cutting short trick or treating or a party because you are just too uncomfortable.

If you are looking to save time and money but still want tolook great then the Snake Eye outfit is perfect for you. Comfortable, easy and fun to wear, so why not look like a real G.I. Joe.
By: Rochelle Stenway

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Transformer Costumes – Autobots And Decepticons Throw Down On Halloween

Everyone is aware of how popular the Transformers have become, so this Halloween why not opt for one of the many Transformers costumes available? With the huge success of the recent Transformers movie, kids and adults alike are lining up for Transformers Halloween costumes in the likeness of their favorite robot in disguise. From Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to the evil Decepticon leader Megatron, Transformer costumes are quickly becoming the must-have outfit this Halloween!

Maybe you’ve decided on a Transformer because you’ve loved them since you first saw the original cartoon when you were a kid. Or, maybe you’ve only recently been introduced to the Autobots and Decepticons through the release of the latest Transformers movie. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a newbie, Transformers costumes are sure to be a huge hit wherever you wear them!

Perfect for any age, Transformers costumes are stealing the show this Halloween. Kids, especially, are begging their parents for a Transformer costume, with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Soundwave being among the most sought after Transformers costumes.

Due to the amazing popularity of Transformers costumes this Halloween, the internet is now full of articles, pictures, and video tutorials on how to make your very own Transformers costumes. Not surprisingly, they take a lot of cardboard, a lot of paint, and a lot of work. If you’re able to splurge a little this Halloween season, why not treat yourself or your child to a store-bought Transformer costume? Keep reading for a brief description of what your money will get you when it comes to Transformers costumes.

Optimus Prime

A favorite Transformer character for many, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. As a robot, he is colorful – mostly red, blue, and silver – and detailed. Optimus Prime Transformers costumes include the headpiece (a full face mask) and full jumpsuit. Some of the optional accessories that are available include an Optimus Prime sword and Optimus Prime gloves.


No collection of Transformers costumes would be complete without a Bumblebee costume. As his name suggests, Bumblebee is a yellow and black robot. A favorite Transformer character among kids and adults alike, his popularity soared after the release of the Transformers movies. Bumblebee costumes are available in all sizes, and include the headpiece (like Optimus Prime, it is a full face mask) and a full bodysuit. Gloves are available for an additional cost.


Leader of the Decepticons, Megatron has become a popular choice in Transformers Halloween costumes for those looking to have something a little different than the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee costumes being offered. The standard Megatron costume being offered includes a full mask as well as a jumpsuit. It is dark in color and highly detailed. The nice thing about the Megatron costumes is that there are no additional accessories needed to purchase.

Whether you decide to join the Autobots in fighting for human survival, or become a member of the Decepticons, Transformers costumes are going to be the must-have costume of the season. I hope the above descriptions helped you in choosing which robot in disguise you’ll become this Halloween!
By: David L

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Alice In Wonderland Costumes For Halloween Parties

Although the 2010 tale was improved to have happened in Alice’s teenage years, the magic and fantasy which we have all noticed in Lewis Carroll’s story lived on in the motion picture adaptation. Tim Burton’s version was full of color and distinct images. With a mix of Tim Burton’s dark and brooding creativity and Lewis Carroll’s unusual storyline and characters, the Alice in Wonderland 2010 video adaptation became this year’s top choice for kids and adults alike.

Aside from being a well-loved story and film, Alice in Wonderland has also become a top selection for costume-themed activities and Halloween parties; Alice’s fancy dress has always been a highly recognizable piece along with the Queen of Hearts and the Madhatter.

Alice’s most widely used attire is her glowing blue puffy-sleeved blouse and white apron. This gown gives her the adventurous type of farm girl look which stays timeless throughout the years. This famous dress has been a fairy tale favorite and has also been used for other fairy tale film adaptations.

In the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s apparel took on a distinct design. Instead of the casual Victorian era outfit, she is seen donning an off-shoulder blue outfit instead and through the film, her outfit changes size and color, and at one point, she put on the Red Queen’s curtains.

Alice isn’t the only one who alters clothing throughout the movie. The sewing-obsessed Madhatter changes hats in the course of the video as well and has even supplied to give the Red Queen a hat makeover. However, being the Red Queen, she has declined almost every style suggested to her.

For males, the Madhatter is regarded as the best pick since he has the most eye-catching suit in the story. Since there are various well-known adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, any individual who prefers to come as the Madhatter can choose from two different designs that are equally recognizable; however, since the 2010 film is still fresh in everyone’s memory, Johnny Depp’s suit is highly recommended.

If you want to be the intelligent and mysterious cat, the Cheshire cat is a good choice for both men and women. Although the Cheshire cat has often been pictured as a male, ladies could also costume as the Cheshire cat and not be mistaken for simply a girl in a cat suit. The Cheshire cat’s stripped tail makes this costume easily familiar.

Absalom the Caterpillar and time-obsessed White Hair are only two of the three most popular talking characters in Wonderland. Absalom provides help to Alice during her most troubling occasions while the White Hair constantly reminds her to show up on time on tea parties. If you want to represent any of these two characters in parties, you could come as the caterpillar in this huge and multi-legged caterpillar costume or as the White Rabbit in this full length attire, complete with bunny ears.

Last but not the least, if you want to portray a villain, the Red Queen or the Queen of Hearts would be a very good choice. She is, after all, known for her stern attitude and merciless ways; your costume will be very recognizable in a crowd.
By: Sean Hanson

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Get Traditional Look To Renaissance Dresses Costumes

Renaissance festival is one of the famous fair in the United States; it is the only fair which pulls large crowds. This festival catches the attention of different people from every walk of life and they all equally participate in this fair with great gaiety and enthusiasm. In this festival, people love to show off their medieval renaissance clothing, pirate shirts or any other medieval costumes. People of all ages participate in this festival which has started many years ago and the fame of this festival has been increasing regularly. The clothes used in this festival are liked by those people who have a taste for medieval period.

This festival attracts hundreds of visitors and vendors from different parts of the world. Most of the people have widespread crush on these types of conventional trendy clothes. Renaissance festival costume provides one with the feeling as they look like prince or princess, pirates or elf. In this festival there are profusion of medieval leaning shows, rides, games, arts and crafts and people can also enjoy with different kinds of festival food and drinks. Art and handicrafts based on the theme of this festival are put for sale. Stages are also set for different types of traditional performances, shows and plays including Shakespearian traditions.

In this fair, musicians, dancers, jugglers, comedians all together perform to entertain large crowds of locals and visitors. With Renaissance Dresses Costumes offering historical figures makes people attract the attention of others. Renaissance festival features other types of adventures plays like axe throwing, archery, jousting and swordplay, all of these sports were very popular at the time of the medieval period. The costumes used in this fair are different for both men and women. Females can enjoy by getting dressed like princess or as female pirate. Pirate clothing includes the use of embellishments and skull images, buckle belt along with pirate sword.

Wings are also famous in this fair and one can enjoy by becoming bat or angel with these wings. The choices for clothing of renaissance are endless; the best of this fair is that people are historically dressed from head to toe. For men the choices of costumes varies along with foot ware. One can opt for long vest top, muslin undershirt, cape or rope, suede and several other clothing. If one fails or lacks the foot wear then the costume will not be completed. Thus different types of tradition play main role in providing the complete look of traditional people like pirates, prince or even like king.

If one wants to offer some hot plea then large leather shoes can play good role in providing traditional looks. It also helps in providing a break from the daily activities. These are some type of leisure events which let one to enjoy and have lot of fun. Renaissance fair is also good way of remembering history. If one is thinking of what type of costume is to be worn on the upcoming renaissance fair, then this problem can be solved as there are several online stores that offer different kinds of renaissance festival costumes.
By: Renaissance Costumes

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